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that it is of beautiful day, busy traveling, back to you. ashley: from los angeles fire department describing the situation at los angeles airport as, quote, multi patient incident. we heard from our colleagues at fox news of fbi agents telling them three people killed in this incident. mike is gone. on was going to ask how many people are around if someone pulls a gun what is the likelihood of a security officer being nearby. i would imagine pretty high. cheryl: security presence in any airport these days even after 9/11 is so prevalent. we have reports of three people dead, multiple injuries. we want to be clear here. sam joins us on the phone. welcome to you. what is your experience, what is -- former new york police department director of intelligence, getting this information and appreciate you joining us on short notice. what do you know about the story? >> it is a moving target at this point. what we suspect is that there was gunfire in the part of the airport that was past the security, but even that is probably at this moment. ashley: if someone pulls a gun in the situation it is unc
here from the chief of the los angeles police department to is involved in this from the operations as well, chief charlie beck. >> very briefly, i want to commend the men and women and their response in this incident. we have created a unified command with that different agencies involved. we will treat this incidence with the unified command. many, many details that you were interested in will must be given out at this point. we will thus become of the nature of injuries, the identity of the suspect, the investigation is being handled by the fbi with the cooperation of the los angeles police department. again, you know, tremendous unified response. i know that this region worries about its airport because of the complex issues involved with various jurisdictions. it was handled very well today. thank you. >> obama one second the reader will next year from fbi special agent in charge, special agent the talk a little bit about the investigation. >> very well. >> david dot pitch, special agent in charge of the fbi. first of three working hand-in-hand with our partners to include the
on "the willis report." ♪ gerri: all that and more coming up. first, the latest from los angeles and the shooting at lax which left one tsa agent dead and questions about airport security across the country. flights have been delayed and canceled as a result of the situation. officials at lax say all flights in and out of the airport are still delayed. with us now from a welcome back to the show. very good to see you. i read that the person responsible for this brought a rifle through a security checkpoint, which makes me wonder tonight even if the first tee off -- tsa officer to die in the line of duty today, are we safe? if you can bring a gun, and assault rifle through a security checkpoint, are we safe? >> well, he brought it to a security checkpoint, like a crowded shopping center just as easily. there is no defense against someone who was to blast his way through something. police know that this is a crazy person, not a terrorist. i do not know how we can defend ourselves against that. i really don't. gerri: cold comfort because it is really just a road mafor a terrorist at
: breaking news. live pictures right now from lax, the los angeles airport. passengers were evacuated from terminal three around 9:00 a.m. this morning with reports of shots being fired. this has not been confirmed. we are monitoring this and will bring you the latest when we get it. terminal three, lax, approximately 9:00 a.m. this morning shots were heard. dennis: local time, i guess. tracy: yes, thank you. kobe bryant, speaking of l.a. polling in some serious cash today, and so is unclear sam in what is the final year of this contract with the lakers. kobe is set to make over 30 million. crazy. this is all part of the contract. being paid 24 million of that today. we have to talk about what he will pay in taxes. he will not take on nearly as much as you think. he will pay the top federal marginal rate of nearly 40%. on top of that land in california, the lakers. he has his state tax rate of over 13% because california just covers their residencies. the total tax burden, nearly 57% . meaning he will almost 14 million of the 24 million jobless am. if he does not get out there and start ba
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we'll talk about that with juan williams. cutting-edge autos out for show in los angeles. we'll be taking you there live in a few minutes. so stay tuned for that. pretty cool stuff. markets on "markets now." here is a look at currencies. we went out and asked people a simple question: how old is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed much is the official retirement age. ♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years. ♪ to enjoy all of these years. sometimes they just drop in. always obvious. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances. try align. it's the number one ge recommended probiotic that helps maintain digestive balance. ♪ stay in the groove with align. >> at 22 minutes past
. bringing the label back. the a big bet on it. tracy: from los angeles to hollywood. it's kind of the same thing. ashley: that is about 2 miles. let's take a look at the ten and 30 year treasury. the yield dropping. as we take a look at the 30 year , as we head to the break. there it is. the yield is coming down. we will be right back. ♪ tracy: time for your fox business brief. sony will make fewer of motion pictures and shift the more profitable television production . casone also identifies tumor and $50 million in cost cuts. a bankruptcy court in manhattan will consider approving the american airlines in the u.s. airlines approver. the world's largest airline. but the antitrust lawsuit held up the deal. a corner has robbed a 21 year-old bank of america merrill lynch and turn her back after working 72 hours straight at the investment bank's london office died of natural causes. because the bank to review the working conditions for junior employees. as the latest from the fox business network, giving you the power to prosper. we will be right back. will the new one woman pitbull 1 and a
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of the country. i would expect it's going to be sweaters and stuff that keeps you warm. what about los angeles? >> so a lot of the west is, especially in the weekend, is going to be near seasonal, maybe even a little bit warmer. but that being said, you know, there's still opportunities pretty much throughout the united states. but the biggest opportunity, frankly, is in the consuming east, in the midwest where most of those items are sold, those cold weather items. but it does still get cold in los angeles, seattle, so they will sell sweaters and fleece and other items as well. weather's all local. adam: so the cold weather, does that make us part with our money from your statistics any more rapidly than when it's warm? >> it does. you know, it's all about need-based purchasing. so when thewet's warm, we might think about maybe not buying a cold weather item, maybe electronics. but when the weather's cold, it impacts what goes in your basket. so this weekend for folks that are out looking for gifts and it's cold outside, they're going to be looking for those gift-giving items, blankets and bo
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to customers in the new york and los angeles area public spee and next year. amazon will pay the post office for the extra labor. with a host of tax incentives to do business the government said it will halt secure thousands of jobs building the next it jetliner. they now don't expire through 2014. prosecutors go after bank of america collecting in to 50 more sluggish $54 million last month the jury required bank of america to be liable for the bad home loans the the whole of asia but the bank says the government is inflating the numbers. still too, would you like your coffee? information and the airlines have but what do they do with it? ♪ ♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy cos to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities. customer erin swenson ordebut they didn't fit. customer's not happy, i'm not happy. sales go down, i'm not happy. merch comes back, i'm not happy. use ups. they make returns easy. unhappy customer becomes happy customer. then, repeat customer. easy retur, i'm happy. repeat customers, i'm happy. sales go up, i'm happy. i ordered anoth
're watching on fox business in los angeles, denver, minneapolis,
and that is one in the wealth magnets of los angeles, new york, and boston. there is something going on here with government, apparently. and women have officially recovered all the jobs they lost during the recession, men have not. there are a record 67.5 million women now working, up from the peak of 67.4 million in 2008. the dow jones hitting 16,000 for the first time in today's trading, closing at 39 record of the year. markets retreated after carl ichan said that he was very cautious on everything needs a big drop on. this includes management's efforts to boost results. my next guest disagrees and says the markets will continue to move higher. joining us now is the chief equity strategist and portfolio manager bob dahl, good to have you with us. >> thank you for having me and good evening. >> this is a rare time, 39 record high closures, 16,000 in the day-to-day, please give us your outlook on the market. >> people making the logical case. the past that, we have an environment where we have federal reserve monetary policy, which is supportive and we have an economy that is graduates wa
black friday also thanksgiving thursday they want the deal. liz: tiffany's never goes on sale. the los angeles auto show kicks off featuring 50 cars in the industry including the chevy colorado capable of telling loves you have to do that but is it in game changer? life from the audit show straight from north america. >> this is the truck for you have bigger ones than less big ones but that is the colorado to say this is the truck for the girl. [laughter] >> those who use it for other things stood duty cycle to all things. >> but it is smaller and it is a beautiful truck is different day and the silverado. >> let's lock around the track because they did a video. the ford ranger dropped out of the market, the dodge dakota on the video they had that picture passing by the tacoma said they had to pass by a ranger but is this your way? >> the truck was seen in a beautiful environment it was a ranger raid array am. >> what are the markets. >> 200,000? >> you think it will get a lot bigger. >> moving to the regulatory environment is there is some segmentation we will be 1,000 pounds lighter
's trip is arruably to raise cash and lots of it. sending four fund-raisers in both san francisco and los angeles with a democratic national committee and house and senate democrats. the president tried to convince donors to boost the democrats with his own political fortune continuing to fall to. a new cnn opinion research survey shows just four in ten americans think president obama can manage the federal government effectively. for the first time a majority of americans and a 50% now believe president obama is not honest and trustworthy. an even bigger margin, 56 percent said the president simply does not inspire confidence. well, critics of the president's failing health care plan put their opposition on the road to georgia today. they seek political correspondent carl cameron has our report. >> with lawmakers back, in their district the house governmt oversight committee held a field hearing. what they heard and share in georgia was not pretty. >> 900,000 californians, 130,000 kentucky in a thermal 140,000 minnesotas and for new thousand georans have received cancellation notices. >>
gateway cities, new york, miami are leading the charge, los angeles als strong, and san francisco has been strong for a while, washington d.c. is strong as well. all those have high populated areas, and significant barriers to entry in terms of availability of land, and highly regulated environments,nly thing to materia is multifamily, and that i inventory that got sold quickist, during the recession, post recession, were unsoil condos -- unsold condos that is not surprising. melissa: does that meaean if you are an investor you want to get into renting and apartment, the single family is not where it is at? >> there a still opportunities, you don't see as much momentum right now. in -- will where you wanto go, is one in tse gateway markets there will be subub side -- upside, none have come back to prerecession prices, rel estate over 10 years will out for form inflation on an annualized basis, we have still, all appreciation that get to to us a recoveryack to where we were in 2007, about 6 years of appreciation since then. there is a lot of room to grow in all sectors of the market,
and supporters, they were arrested in downtown los angeles for protesting what they're calling poverty wages. list and monica, i want to talk to you. this issue is coming up a lot. it frustrates me because i think sometimes people put themselves in positions where there are only certain jobs they're qualified for. i don't see where publicly-traded company or private business obligation to pay them more than the market demands. liz: you know, i see both sides of what is going on here, and it's a really bad economy. listen, walmart job is a great job for a person who wants that job, who knows what the job is all about. the idea that it's a grateful-time job for somebody who is unemployed and prior to this, that's the pain of this jobless recovery, right? this is not a grateful-time job. a lot of kids to raise. and heading to college, right? but the other side of it too, walmart does provide benefits. it provides health benefits and 401(k)s to a lot of workers. >> it's a great company to work for, you know? look, there's a lot of pressure. walmart has been under a lot of pressure for a long tim
as well. spirits are high in los angeles after 300 people took part in a fund-raising walk to raise money for those in need. collections taken at church services as well and reminders a dollar in the philippines can feed a person 10 meals, so obviously something to keep in mind with the perspectives of how much that money is needed over there right now. connell: i am sure a lot of people there still looking looking for their loved ones here this morning, right? >> they really are. a lot of people are having a hard time tracking down their friends and relatives in the philippines. one local church leader visiting still have not been heard from and his convocation includes 50 filipinos, so far they have not had any luck. people have not been able to track down their friends or relatives because the typhoon knocked out medicatio communican networks. that effort and more donations at the filipino in san francisco, all the other centers across the country today. back to you. connell: in terms of the storm itself, it has been downgraded to a tropical storm at this point making its way through s
that a los angeles auto show. dagen: how much, what has been lincoln's problem? the cause look too much like the ford? are they solving that issue? >> they were too much like the ford and differentiating their particularly -- this is a great looking vehicle, not like the escape at all. you get more technology than you'd get in and ask the and the materials used to trend this. i give them credit for going after older buyers. companies don't want to admit that. this goes at younger buyers. the first time luxury-car buyers and if you don't get them you never get them. dagen: talk to me about the phrase because prius is a tricky issue with u.s. selling a luxury vehicle because you don't want to too in expensive in relation to the competition because that smacks of is cheap. >> just the same you can't rebuild your brand going head to head with the competition. this is the kind that has gone up against 39, $40,000 cars, even the acura it x is expensive to get in the door. you can make a less-expensive. it has to be as good or as close to as good as other vehicles or be disappointed. dagen: i unint
a concierge real estate service is basically brandon being a native, i've been in los angeles almost 14 years, we are dialed in so that our clients come here, even if they're international, or different states wherever they come from, we can sort of taylor make them, a program for los angeles, from architect to the interior designer, tickets to laker games, whatever they need. lori: sound great. what a life. you two are the envy of many in the real estate industry and beyond. they are engaged from what i understand. congratulations on that front as well. >> thank you. >> thank you. lori: take care. adam. adam: thank you very much, lori. it's a big day for jefferson county alabama. a court hearing is underway whether it can exit bankruptcy by the end of this year. jefferson county became the first municipality to issue debt while still bankrupt. in the past week it sold $1.8 billion in bonds. many consider this a test whether places with weak finances, pick any municipality you want across the country, can still sell debt to investors. until now most believed bankrupt municipalities would lose
live in new york for los angeles and, of course, as long as you're using amazon. amazon in the u.s. postal service are teaming up to program will packages at no rollout more news as -- more u.s. cities. financial terms of the deal not disclosed just yet. expected to give the legal -- beleaguered postal service a much-needed boost. interesting that it was not fedex are ups. that is how smart amazon is, and this is how smart the stock is at the moment, up about 1 percent at $3.803. time a business, especially the into the holiday. people want the summit deliveries. well, apart from amazon we have other technology companies on the move as well. let's get to nicole petallides workman from the floor of the nyse-listed. less talk about the tech movers and shakers. >> reporter: let's do that and take a look. of course, one that everybody loves. it is pulling back a little bit today, down 1/3 of 1%. over a thousand dollars. approaching that level. $10.13. keeping a close eye at twitter. the $39 range. let's take it off. such a great run up over 40 percent this year. the analysts loved it
construction going on in downtown manhattan or in los angeles. tre are no lots. of people are doing are buying older homes, bringing them into a study for century and those people weren't -- new construction, new homes and a willg to pay for it. there has bn a lot of international money coming into those areas. melissa: a big component. even in the category of one to $2 milli, flipping there is up 42% as well. >> again, the supply and demand is forcing pricing gap. people going in, buying existing homes, mainly in areas where there is not a lot of room for new construction. selling them at a premium. melissa: is someone is watching in the want to get involved, what is a mistake? here are trying to plug something cheap but that is over? >> i would say it is not over, but you have to be very careful because we're all eing the statistics. going down about3%. what's happening in those markets, we he run out of the drop dead great distressed property deals. we have run out of the foreclosures. the short sales that were a slam-dunk for flipping. noa little bit harder to find and also in those price
to deliver packages on sunday it will only be available to customers in the new york and los angeles area publ spee and next year. amazon will pay the post office for the extra labor with a host of tax incentives to do business the government said it will halt secure thousands s of jobs building the next it jetliner they now don't expire through 2014. prosecutors go after bank of america collecting in to 50 more sluggish $54 million last month the jury required bank of america to be liable for the bad home loans the the wholeof asia but the bank says the government is inflating the numbers. still too, wou you like your coffee? information and the airlines have but what do they do with it? ♪ (announcer) scottrade knows our clients trade and invest their own way. with scottrade's smart text, can quickly understand my charts, and spend more time trading. eir ick trade bar lets my account follow monline so i can react in real-time. plus, my local scottrade office is there to help. because they know i don't tre like everybody. i'm with scottrade. (announcer) ranked highest in investor satisf
has 515, 96 of them are in new york, 22 in los angeles with 20 in san francisco , 14 in houston. is any of the surprising. >> is not surprising. obviously york. melissa: tax policy. , a billionaire the last melissa one of the is the york and california. the people that made the money would go to florida and texas. >> you would think the law but it has not happened. what you see is people in new york, hedge fund managers and silicon valley entrepreneurs, they stay there. they don't flee to other countries are states. melissa: and that was one of the things, when you're trying to break down what is common among billionaires'. they tended to stay where they draw upon return to the city. >> the data shows a 75% stake in the country there were born. 40 percent stake in a state can and 25% stake in the city. you can imagine the trajectory of their life, they come home. melissa: who is moving upper. >> we're predicting in about five years even if today we have three times. melissa: 80% went to college even. 20 percent did not. >> we all know the stories. melissa: finish college and who
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, in other states top providers like cedars-sinai in los angeles,ary vanderbilt in tennessee has been left out, depending on plan you are forced into, you may have to pay out of pocket. >> you know, you are on to something that a lot of folks are missing, the magnitude of this that it is far beyond keeping your doctor, keeping your plan. this is being able to go where you need to go when you are hurting, badly hurting. maybe even dying. that has a multiplier affect that could be devastating ? >> absolutely, this is about real people who will serve real consequences, this is the natural outcome of the law. you cannot increase -- by requiring people who are already sick and eliminates caps to benefits, you increase their cost, and try to force down premium they charge, what is going to get squeezed is the per vice services they provide. neil: we should be grateful no one said if you want your hospital you can keep it. that is one area they have been honest. for now. michael thank you very much. >> any time. neil: all right, what is the deal with government workers and porn? none of the fcc g
thanksgivingand copyrighted it and an artist and los angeles and we can up with the line of thanksgivinga product. the best-selling item is the woodstock inspired t-shirt which i will hold up right now. do you see? has the turkey sitting on the guitar. we sold 4,000 of those t-shirts. liz: i am just -- thanksgiving is one day but hanukkah is eight a so there's still an opportunity to make some money. talk about your sales compared to last year at this time when it wasn't this crash of thanksgiving and hanukkah together. >> typically when on the cut is early, because it fluctuates, the lunar calendar. when it is early we don't do as well. so i was expecting a mild holiday season. in october thanksgivinga just exploded and we were doing ten times our sales in october than we had a year ago. it was so much we had to move to a larger space, unpack and fulfills so we are in a big space and we can fulfil 300 orders a day. liz: there is the jonathan at there, not exactly thanksgivinga specific but those run at about $20, very modern. i still don't get that. not exciting but you also have no limit texas
, the u.s. post office, so now los angeles, new yorkers, if they are paying $79 a year to be amazon prime members, they can get deliveries on sundays. adam: how does the post office pay for this? would they lose money by having people work -- >> interestingly enough, they did not disclose the details of the deal, but package delivery for the u.s. post office, the revenues from that are going up, and they're set to be about a fifth of the post office revenues. they want to get a piece of that nearly $200 billion e-commerce market. and be i'll tell you something, if the u.s. post office and am von link up and then if walmart and amazon link up, what's going to happen to ups and fedex? adam: sunday deliveries. [laughter] >> there you go. hover hr. higher postage costs? things like that? >> reporter: they're not saying yet, the post office isn't saying if they're going to increase -- in other words, who is swallowing the hit in amazon's been known to take the hit just to do it on volume, to make money off volume, and if people are happy, they're saying they're going to make money off of it. a
, inland empire and los angeles. but i want to tell you, you know, one of the keys to a transaction in this size is really the people. and when you look at m&a transactions of this magnitude, what's really beautiful about this transaction is that the five operating companies for warehouser stay exactly how they are. those people have their boots on the ground, and nothing changes. and that is so important in putting together a successful merger. not only do you need the reality, but you need the culture and the people. and we're looking forward to working with the entire warehouser group of companies. and there's nobody -- there are companies that have to look behind their shoulder to see other than future growth, and that's what we're excited about is pulling all these companies together under the tri pointe brand. it's going to be a lot of fun. liz: at a time when the housing market has stabilized, but i see a lot of poise in the data. sometimes you get good numbers on existing homes and bad numbers on permits or vice versa. tell me from where you stand, how does the housing marke
suspects this that space and creating great market share n two weeks at the los angeles auto show we'll introduce the coup version. melissa: okay. >> think of this car but with a beautiful coupe roof line. melissa: how much will it cost? >> we haven't announced price you have to wait a couple more weeks to see the car in the flesh and for the price. like our f-type convertible it will be a great value. melissa: what do you hope to get from the super bowl ad? it is such a risk. a lot of folks go out there, they spend a lot of money. you get attention but wonder if you get the bang for the buck. what would you consider success on that? >> if we connect with consumers with the great story of jaguar brand and engage in conversation not from watching a tv spot but we go on line and be part of social media conversation with about the brand. get people looking at new vehicles. understanding what the new jaguar is all about and we're challenger, new british, modern brand. that would be success from my standpoint. melissa: you see tremendous growth in jaguar this year. 36%? >> exactly. meliss
., they >> they doubled frequency. put in extra capacity. >> eight flights from san francisco and los angeles each to 15 to 16 flights a day. they did it clearly to send a signal we're not welcome in their markets. fortunately it's a big market. we have great service and we turn ad profit in the summer that is the response we're seeing from big megacarriers. they are 40 billion-dollars carriers. they have a thousand airplanes and they can come in to lean on little guys like us. i would expect we'll see some of that from american. what i want to point out we dropped our opposition to this merger because this isn't an american-us airways problem. this started with the first merger. happened more with the second and the third. this is the entire industry structure that we've got to address. david: now you've dropped your opposition this merger but you haven't ruled out the possibility of working with the department of transportation in some specific way. i want to see if we get some ideas what you would do with the department of transportation. they can do things on their own. if you feel like you are gett
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flights were disrupted today after today's shooting incident at lax, los angeles international airport. union official saying, one it tsa official was killed but north authorities have not coon firmed the death of the shooter. the shooter was also reportedly shot. we're not sure how serious his injuries were. "after the bell" starts right now. liz: let's get to today's market action. jarrett levy, and lance roberts, sta wealth management ceo and will share top stock plays and what they're avoiding. larry shover chief investment officer joining from us the cme, larry on the first trading day of november. does it set the tone for what is traditionally decent month of the year for trades? >> it has. what a week it has been. good grief, on monday, people walked in thinking prerogative the s&p 500 would climb up to 1800. wednesday and thursday come, and all of a sudden the market thinks that we're stretched that we're stretched, extended and due for consolidation. sentiment turned a little bit gloomy. for whatever reason. people are worried. continue to be negative even though november hist
. this is breaking news. virgin america a couple years ago was up start and starting in los angeles and coming on the show. david: virgin atlantic has a small piece of it right now. essentially operates as its own company. that is interesting, throwing a monkey wrench into the whole deal. the s&p futures closed just seconds ago. head back to lincoln ellis on the floor of the cme. see how things are going there, lincoln. liz: a bit after whimper. there is a bit of a snowstorm outside. put a damper on the session on want to quickly go back to what liz ace point about the foot on the gas there is an open issue as we move into the final two months of the year whether or not the transmission of fed policy is actually broken and i think that will be the fulcrum of the conversation that janet yellen has to have on thursday with our friend at congress. david: always getting to the fulcrum of the conversation, our lincoln ellis. thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> snow in chicago. who would have thunk. liz: on the third day of trading, shares of twitter were first this morning, down, now they are u
and coming to roads and highways the west coast wins by a landslide the latest addition los angeles and honolulu and san francisco take the top spots tie-ups' in seattle six member for new york is in the top-10. dennis: my obamacare has some scrambling before reelection. the fcc is not happy with conan o'brien and we will look at the 10 year treasury. we will be right back. ♪ capital to make it happen? without the thinking that makes it real? what's a vision without the pertise to execute it... and the fincing ake it grow? whatever your goal, it can change more than your business. it can change the future. that's why, at barclays our ambition is to always realize yours. that's w♪y, at barclays our ambition is to alwayrain horn)yours. vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk soutrn. one line, infinite possibilities. and this pk is the inside of your body. see, the special psyllium fiber in metamucil actually gels. and that gelling hes to lower some olesterol. metacil. 3 amazing benefi in 1 super fiber. >> i am tracy burns. the fda is proposing a ban on artif
this a little bit, it's just two cities, it's new york and los angeles this year. >> right. except new york means the new york city metropolitan area, so it goes to connecticut, new jersey and long island. stuart: and they extend this next year. >> yes. it starts immediately, this coming sunday. stuart: seems this is a wonderful thing. this is private enterprise using underutilized assets in an insolvent public agency. i say this is wholly good. >> yes, if you look at it that way, it is good. the big picture here is the post ample of perhaps the most inefficient aspect of the government. the post office is the government at its worst, because it is operated on the basis of political decisions rather than economic decisions. stuart: right. >> for example, ups and fedex cannot lawfully compete with the post office for first class mail. but they certainly can compete with the post office for delivery of packages. now, if ups or fedex or fox news or general motors shut down for a day, they'd lose a tremendous amount of money. when the post office shuts down for a day, it saves a lot of money. s
. >> thanks for having me in. cheryl: in a great neighborhood in manhattan or los angeles, log onto the air when and say -- what is that easy? >> you download the apps in the apps store, you know exactly where you are and pull the rest around you and based on what you are looking for, what the requirements are, really easy way to browse. gerri: you can text the elder. text the person to see if they are right there? >> we want to make it easy. we designed it, renters and millennials, why not make communication like a text message? it close up the text, send in your message and -- cheryl: a barrier to the business is the brokers themselves who don't like technology especially like this one, and i don't know about a do cities but many won't rent to you unless you have a broker with you. will that be a problem for business? >> in new york, an interesting market. the most unique rental market in the country and we don't have brokers up here. it drives deficiencies in the marketplace up close. they don't need someone to show them around especially if you download brad peck and see everything you
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